Floating Valve Assembly (SS) - 4R, 5R, 6R,.......
Retail Floating Valve Assembly (SS) - 4R, 5R, 6R,....... Supply
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 Floating Valve Assembly (SS) - 4R, 5R, 6R,.......
Retail Drilling Supply

Retail Drilling Supply

Retail Drilling Supply


Float Valves

Drilling a well where natural gas pockets exist can be hazardous if not controled. The high pressure in the pocket can push the drilling mud back up the drill pipe destroying valuable equipment. The 4R Floating Valve Assembly is designed to prevent this hazard from taking place by closing in the event of a back pressure event. Unlike other similar assemblies the 4R is designed for a very long wear life.

Our Float Valve also assures continuous control of fluid flow during drilling while providing instant shut-off against high or low pressure. The fast acting plunger eliminates breakage of a wet joint by opening when the kelly is pulled out of the hole, then closing quickly. Bit plugging and flowback are prevented with the ISM-Float Valve when adding joints and cuttings are prevented from entering the drill pipe. Expensive downtime and the likelihood of having to pull a wet string is eliminated. For normal drilling operations, the most economical choice is the NWE Float Valve, available in 4R, 5R and 6R sizes - 3R comming soon.


We also have other Drilling Products to Extend Tool Life such as:

- Drill Pipe Strainers
- Stabbing Guides (Urethane)
- Conical Screens
- Shaker Screens

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